Fix SQL Database Error 3189 – Damage to the Backup Set Was Detected


In the database, we may encounter numerous errors. Some of the reasons are, syntax is not correct for definition of the ‘%ls’ problem, a ‘SELECT’ statement that assigns a value to a variable is combined with data-retrieval operations, “ORDER-BY” items appear in the select list if SELECT DISTINCT is specified, using data types of text, text in clause of GROUP BY, a BREAK statement is used out of the scope of a WHILE statement, updating a timestamp column, both terms of an outer join must contain columns, an aggregate may not appear in the OUTPUT clause any many more. Here, in this article, we will talk specifically about error no 3189. This error is described as follow:

Error Severity Event Logged Description
3189 16 No Detected when we detect damage to the backup set.


Each and every error takes place due to some reason, for instance, as error 272 occurs when updating a timestamp column. Similarly, error 295 occurs when converting character string date-time data type. Also, error 422 occurs when the common expression is defined but is not yet used. The following reasons might be behind the occurrence of this type of error i.e., 3189:

  • The specific storage media containing backup has confronted a media failure.
  • During executing the operation of backup, the ‘write failure’ might have encountered.
  • An attempt to unauthorized access for displaying the network drive has taken place.
  • A serious attempt to run a backup for transactional logs has occurred when the database is in SUSPECT mode.

Whenever you encounter this kind of error, follow these advised steps to recover your precious database.

Solution 1

By using the following command, this error message can be removed, and most probably, you will be able to get rid of this type of error. This following command helps in case of erasing and deleting data from the backup device to run a new backup operation. The command is as follows:

“BACKUP DATABASE my database TO DISK=’C:\MyDatabase.bak’ with FORMAT”

Solution 2 

If the backup restoration is the reason of this error, then we can use file number to retrieve the essential backup sets placed within the backup device, so use the following command:


The code written below helps to specify a particular backup set:

“RESTORE DATABASE my database FROM DISK=’C: \MyDatabase.bak WITH FILE = FileNumber”

The file number here says the series of backup sets that require to be restored.

Solution 3 

This error message can be resolved by doing a full backup restoration operation. We may uninstall, and again installing it may aid in removing this error.

Alternative solution

Make sure that the account which is being used in enjoying services of SQL is also the member of “Domain User Group,” having all write services access for windows folder.

Alternate Solution: Stellar Repair for MS SQL can prove to be the best solution to recover the database as it repairs from corruption and provides database accessibility. it supports high precision, maintains and secures structure of the database and most of all take care of the integrity of database objects.

This SQL database recovery tool resolves all the above-mentioned issues and recovers the database, also allows the database to recover anytime later. There are some steps to recover the damaged database by using an MDF file; these steps are as follows:

  • Firstly, download and execute the SQL recovery program on your local machine.
  • Open the corrupted file by browsing of your own choice.
  • Click on the Repair button.
  • Now, the tool will display a preview of data items saved in the corrupt and damaged database.
  • To save the repaired database, the software provides 4 options: MS SQL (mdf), XLS, HTML and CSV.


Database files are necessary and crucial to the user as they store a lot of precious data and information. Any error of database may cause unavoidable trouble for the user, so we must go through the advised steps to recover this catastrophic loss. So, to recover the database, we must use Stellar Repair for MS SQL as it guarantees the wonderful advantages as it helps either the database is in Suspect mode or when DBCC CHECKDB files fail or to resolve SQL corruption errors.

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