Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair

MSSQL Database Recovery Software – Efficiently repairs corrupt and damaged MDF and NDF files and recovers all objects from it.


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Complete SQL Database Repair

Complete SQL Database Recovery:

The software incorporates powerful repair algorithms to fix all major and minor database corruption issues of your MSSQL .mdf and .ndf files and recovers valuable database components.

Recovers All Inaccessible SQL Objects

Recovers All Inaccessible SQL Objects

The tool recovers all database objects, such as Views, Stored Procedures, Tables, Triggers, Collations, Indexes, Functions, Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, Unique Keys, & Identity, Defaults & Default constraints, and User Defined Data Types.

Wide Compatibility

Wide Compatibility

Stellar SQL database recovery software is compatible with all major MSSQL database versions; such as SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2008*64, 2008 Express, 2005, 2005*64, Express, 2000, 2000*64, 7.0, and Mixed Formats.


What's New!
Automatically Saves Scan result of SQL Server database file.

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*Free Download allows previewing SQL database objects in the main interface. To save the recovered database, you need to register the product.

Key Features – SQL Database Recovery Software






Flawless Recovery of Deleted Records and TablesFlawless Recovery of Deleted Records and Tables


Stellar Phoenix SQL database repair is embedded with advanced algorithms that offer recovery of deleted records while performing database repair. The comprehensive scanning routine find out every bit of deleted tables and records from the repaired MDF file and save them in a new file with the same name along with an added prefix and list just under the original repaired file. You can preview these listed records and save them according to the requirement. Basically, it is an easy and risk free solution to repair a corrupt SQL database along with deleted records details.

Multiple Saving optionsMultiple Saving options


The software accurately repairs the inaccessible SQL database file and allows you to save the repaired files in multiple formats you can choose any as per the requirements and convenience. You can either create a new database file and adesired destination to savethe repaired MDF database or select an existing or live database to save the repaired file after entering the required credentials. Additionally, this advanced utility also lets you save the repaired MDF file in MSSQL, CSV, HTML, and XLS format into the desired location.



Recovers all Database ComponentsRepairs and Restores Damaged SQL Objects


With this advanced SQL recovery tool, you can perform fast and accurate recovery of all damaged or inaccessible database objects, including tables, keys, relationships, row compressed data, column compressed data, constraints, indexes, rules, and stored procedures, etc.

Previews Recoverable Objects before RecoveryPreview of SQL Database Objects


Using this SQL Server recovery tool, you can get a glimpse of the actual results beforehand by previewing all the recoverable database objects in the main interface. This feature lets you verify data through the preview; and evaluate the software prior to going for any actual recovery.



Locates Objects with Find OptionSearch Items in Scan Results Using ‘Find’ Option



The SQL Database Recovery software has a knack of running a comprehensive scan against the database to list out all recoverable MDF or NDF file objects in a tree structure. You can search for specific items in this tree by providing the search criterion (such as item name) and choosing either ‘Match case’ or ‘Match whole word’.

Repairs both MDF and NDF database filesRepairs SQL Database '.MDF' and '.NDF' Files


With the help of this tool, you can effectively repair both primary database ('.MDF) file (containing all data in the database objects) and secondary database ('.NDF') file (comprising all user data). In this way, the software assures you complete SQL Database Repair.


Selective RecoverySelective Recovery of Database Objects



The SQL recovery software allows choosing the desired objects from the database for recovery. With this advanced tool, you can reduce the overall recovery time and effort that would be otherwise required to recover the entire database. You can save the recovered objects to a new database file at a user-specified location.

Saves Queries of Objects in a Text FileRecovers Queries of Objects in a Text File


The software allows retrieving queries of various database objects (such as views, triggers, stored procedures, etc.) in a '.txt' file. You can use these queries to create the associated objects at any later point of time.






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*Free Download allows previewing SQL database objects in the main interface. To save the recovered database, you need to register the product.