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How to fix SQL Error 3403


Microsoft SQL Server database is a well-structured relational database application that is popularly used to manage applications dealing with heavy transaction processing, content management and business applications. For its high degree of security, scalability and performance, SQL database has been a preferred choice for standalone as well as clustered servers. However, at some occasions even the robust SQL Server database gets corrupt and flash error messages on the screen.


SQL Server Error 3403 is one of such error messages that results in complete inaccessibility of the SQL database and unplanned downtime. The exact SQL Error 3403 can be read as below:


“ Error 3403, Severity 22
During recovery initialization, page %ld was encountered. This page belongs to object %ld, not the log”


Reason behind SQL Server Error – 3403:

There are occasions, when the SQL Server database encounters unexpected crashes and gets corrupt. After coming back from a crash, the database checks the transaction logs and if the syslog details do not match with that of the Object ID, the SQL Server database flashes the error 3403.


Possible Causes:

  • The SQL Server performed a bad write or page allocation.
  • You updated the allocation page and the server crashed before these changes could be written to the transaction log. When you restart the server, the SQL database is rebuilt by running the old transaction log files. This gets your database into an inconsistent state.


You can deal with this situation and restore your database to its original state, using an updated backup. In case you do not have a backup, you should use professional software like Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery to repair and restore your damaged database.


This utility uses fast recovery techniques and a three step procedure (i.e. 'Select', 'Scan', and 'Save') to recover SQL databases. Initially, select the database to be repaired from a known location. You can also search for SQL databases in any logical volume on your hard drive. The software runs an extensive scan against the selected file and shows preview of objects after completion of the scan. Finally, you can save the recovered objects to a new SQL database at any desired location of your choice.



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