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How to fix SQL Error 5220


For its strong internal architecture, fast performance and reliability, Microsoft SQL Server is widely used in many organizations. Storing huge volumes of business critical data, sometimes these SQL Server databases get corrupt and all the data in them becomes completely inaccessible. When the corrupt SQL Server databases are accessed, either they throw various error messages on the screen or logs the error reports in their even log file.


One of such common SQL Server error message can be written as below:


“SQL Server Error – 5220: Database error: PAGE_TYPE page P_ID for database 'NAME' (database ID DB_ID) is invalid. This error cannot be repaired. You must restore from backup”


Reason behind SQL Server Error – 5220:

Here, you can zero-in on any boot page or file header page in the corresponding database, which has got corrupted. As a result of such corruption to the database, you have encountered the above error message.


There are a number of possible reasons, which contribute towards the corruption of the SQL Server database, such as improper server down, file system corruption, virus/malware infection, unexpected system shutdown, contradiction with newly installed hardware/software applications etc.


Steps to Resolve SQL Server Error 5220


Hardware Check

If the above procedures are unable to resolve the problem and your SQL database is still marked as 'Suspect', try restoring the database form a clean updated backup. You may also set your database to emergency mode and use the bulk copy program (BCP) for copying or moving your valuable data out. If you encounter more problems, use Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery tool to perform suspect SQL database repair.


Swap Different Hardware Components

If after carrying out the above step, the problem still persists, then try to isolate the problem by swapping different hardware components. Ensure that the system does not have write-caching enabled on the disk controller. In case, you find write-caching is the problem, then contact your hardware vendor.


Format & Restore from Backup

If you don't find any hardware related problem, format the disk and restore the SQL Server database from a clean back-up.


Note  that in case of SQL Server Error 5220, the 'DBCC CHECKDB' command is not applicable. In the worst case, when you do not even have a valid backup of the database, use Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery to repair the damaged SQL Server database file and regain access to your valuable information.


The software repairs corrupt database and recover all the inaccessible database objects back. With many powerful algorithms, the software is able to recover data from the any severely damaged SQL database even with the error 5220. Importantly, the software is absolutely read-only and easy to use.


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